Description of services

Cargo Forwarding

It is a full complex of services connected with cargo handling when the cargo arrives to the Russian Federation and till departure of the cargo from Novorossiysk port to client’s warehouse:
a)    Cooperation with container lines, port terminals, bonded warehouses according to the client’s request.
b)    Organization of customs inspections of cargo, transfer of cargo (also from one package to another) in port terminals and warehouses.
c)    Sampling and customs inspections in presence of specialists of sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution, quarantine inspection, veterinary inspection, fumigation inspection.
d)    Preparation and drawing up all shipping documentation required to cargo delivery to the client.


Cargo certification

It is a full preparation of documents, speeding-up all the process of execution of documents, such as certificates of conformance, sanitary-and-epidemiologic documents, Euro  certificates, acts of quarantine, veterinary,  fumigation   inspection and etc.

Customs brokerage

This type of service consists of: consulting about all the questions of customs brokerage, custom legislation of the Russian Federation, assistance in contentions questions of customs brokerage and customs brokerage as “importer of cargo” and with help of customs brokers. Long-standing partner relations between “FSC” and leading customs brokers help us to minimize time and financial expenses during
customs brokerage of cargo.

Sea container cargo transportation

It is one of the perspective business in worldwide logistics. Every year increases the volume of container cargo transportation. There are a lot of navigable waterways in oceans and seas all over the world nowadays and our company can offer you optimal route and time of transportation for development of your business.
According to the client’s request our sales managers can organize delivery of the empty container to the place of its stuffing, coordinate with the shipper all questions concerning the loading of container, speed up the delivery of the empty container to the place of its stuffing and organize shipment to the port of discharge.
Because of the highly developed informational structure we can always track the location of each container according to its route. Every stage of sea container transportation is strictly controlled by our company.

Container transportation

There are a lot of advantages of container transportation. The main advantage is an absence of moving the goods from container when the type of transport changes. Your cargo will be stuffed in container by shipper and unstuffed only at client’s warehouse. Because of the flexible combination of different types of transport our clients can reduce expenses.
We use different types of containers according to the types of cargo. Our specialists individually will work out optimal multimodal route for cargo transportation and will deliver it to the client’s address.

Application for calculation cost of service

Working with us, you can be sure that “FSC” is a safe partner with highly qualified specialists. For rate requests and advices on any question you can call to “FSC” or  fill up an application form and our sales managers will answer you immediately.

Cargo insurance

We are working out on the effective projects of cargo transportation and we can always guarantee to our clients safety of their cargo. We provide our clients insurance of their cargo during transportation by all means of transport. Export and import cargo transportations are the main objects of insurance, based on:
-    responsibility for all  possible risks
-    responsibility for private accident
-    responsibility for total destruction of cargo

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